Passions in life

First and foremost a very Happy Birthday to my oldest who turned 8 today.  Man where does the time go?

I want to have an open discussion on passions.  I have more than one passion and that’s a good thing.  I love my family first and foremost.  They are the reason worth living in my world.  Then obviously I love writing.  If i didn’t have the passion for writing, then I could’ve never finished an English degree from Weber State, or wrote my book Tortured Blues.  (it’s still on amazon)  Writing can take me to another place and time.  I may never know what it’s like to be a drug dealer, or have a handshake agreement with the mafia, but when I write, I can picture myself in that meeting.  It’s a great thing for me personally, and I hope that readers of my books will feel the same way about reading my works

The next passion of mine is clearly and forever my first love of my life… Football.  My dad signed my up to play football when I was seven years old.  Ever since that, I can’t get enough of it.  I played with my heart, soul, and fire that i’ve never had in anything else in my life.  I know there’s a concussion controversy surrounding football, but the benefits of playing football far out weigh the negatives.  I learned to be a part of something bigger than myself when I was on the football field and lesson’s learned only helped me as I became an author, Husband, and father.  I’ve had some great people in my life because of football,  Billy, Matt, Corb, Kevin, Budge, etc… I can’t tell you the lifelong friends one can make from football.

Finally my lord and savior Jesus Christ.  I wouldn’t be where I am today as a man if it wasn’t for his love and sacrifice for the world.  I don’t hide from my faith.

Keep in mind, you need to follow your passions to a certain extent.  Don’t have unrealistic grandiose dreams that aren’t going to come true.  You’ll only set yourself up for failure, and nobody wants or thrives when one fails.  But also keep on plugging away and working hard at your passions, and you will have joy in your life. Have an awesome week.