Why I write!

I don’t know how to market, sale, or even promote very well.  Those aren’t my strong suits in life. However, I was blessed to have a love of writing.  I don’t know If I’ll ever sale thousands of books (based on the odds it’s a good chance I won’t) but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing.  Because writing isn’t about making money, becoming famous, or signing books.  If that’s why you want to write a book, then you’re going to be very disappointed.

When you pick up a book as a reader, you don’t read it because that person is famous or rich.  You pick it up and read it because the writing flows, and the story captures you.  The same thing has to be true for a writer.  I write to get to know my characters that are floating around in my head.  I ask myself questions about my characters so I can get to know them.  For example: is Nolan a religious man,  Would Rickey give into temptation and pressures of her boyfriend, would Cory really push it that far?  The more I get to know the characters I write about, the better the story is.  I feel the same way when I’m reading a book.  The better I connect with characters in the story, the more invested i’m into the book

So going back to writing for love, if you don’t love writing, and you get into it for the wrong reasons, you’re probably not going to be successful in the way that you want to be.  However, if you go into writing hoping that someone will pick your book up and feel like your characters are there best friends, then you have the most successful book you could imagine.

Making money on your book isn’t going to happen.  It’s like winning the lottery. You have to hit the right genre, with the right idea, at the right time.  50 Shades of Grey wouldn’t have been as successful in the 1950’s as it is today. The writing would’ve been the same, but we live in a different world today.  Go into writing because you want a reader to love what you’ve written.  If you dream about the almighty dollar from your novel, you’re only going to end up dejected.  And the sky is too blue, the grass is too green, and the summer is too great to feel like that.  Wait until the winter to have a case of the blues.

Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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