Living Life

I’ve legit had some fantastic days outside of the big events obviously.  My wedding, my children being born, etc…  I’ve been excited to be an author of two books.  I’m hoping eventually that will lead to me being a full time author one day.  The marketing aspect of it all is the most difficult. Joe Rogan often speaks about a human not suppose to be locked up all day, and I truly believe that.

That’s one of the main reasons I love to coach High School football.  I get to be outside with some amazing kids, coaches, and friends.  I’m stressed out more, but I’m also happier if that makes sense.  I’m outside living life.  I’ve recently started taking my son duck hunting.  This is an awesome thing to share with my boy.  The younger generation has so many options for entertainment, that it’s nice to get out in the outdoors and show them their’s  other options out there.

As the long cold winter hits, and i’m forced to be inside longer, that’s no excuse not to go out and build a snowman, go tubing, or skiing.  That’s also a reason I’m thinking about getting more involved in some horse ranching. What better way to make a living than Working with horses and writing books?

All in all with all of the technology that is at our fingertips, (many of it fantastic and useful) be sure to live your life.  Go camping, fishing, hunting, play sports.  All of this will make you a more balanced and happier human.

And Remember buy my book. Tortured Blues available on Amazon.


Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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