Detmer legendary player, Not a good OC

BYU fired legend Ty Detmer.  Not only is he a legend, but he is THE man.  He’s the schools only Heisman trophy winner,  beat #1 Miami, and held numerous NCAA records.  He played 14 years in the NFL for heavens sake. His accomplishments as a player are out of this world.  Leading to many BYU fans to call him Ty Freaking Detmer.  However, that doesn’t make one a good coach.

If you want to buy into the fact that he was the scapegoat of a bigger problem, fine I’m not here to argue that point.  What I will say is he led one of the most inept offenses in the history of the program. His total offense was 124 out of 130 in the NCAA.  His offense only scored 20 points on a Portland State team.  PSU gave up 43 points per game to FCS opponents.   That’s only one game right.  Working out the first of the year kinks.  Well BYU only scored 10 points against UMass on senior night.  Umass gave up 31.8 points a game this year.  The list goes on and on.  Losing to East Carolina, Utah State.  Not crossing the 50 yard line against LSU.

He never led the offense the way it needed to be led.  The first game against PSU 6 running backs got carries.  Two RB’s is ideal.  Three is the max.  But he let 6 get carries.  IF that was the Running backs coach’s decision, he needed to pull him aside and tell him that is too many.  Squally Canada had a monster game against UNLV, and then only gets 11 touches against UMass.  That’s not a good game plan.

Taysom Hill last year and Tanner Mangum this year looked like completely different quarterbacks under Detmer than they’ve looked their entire careers.  That’s not to say Detmer is the sole reason for that, but he does bare part of the responsibility.   Detmer’s play calling wasn’t the problem.  He’s an X and O’s genius.  Something else along the way hindered him.  I don’t know what it was, but something had to be changed.

Detmer is the GOAT when it comes to QB play at BYU, but being the GOAT doesn’t translate into FBS coaching.  Injury’s hampered him for sure.  He was down to his fourth string QB and 7th string RB the final game of the season.  That’s tough for anyone to overcome.  He was set up to fail from the jump.  He went straight from HS football coaching in Texas to major OC BYU.  No positional coaching experience, no GA experience, No experience at all.  That’s BYU’s fault for giving him too much too soon.  Can Detmer be a great Offensive Coordinator? Yes he can.  But he’ll have to go the route former University of Utah star Brian Johnson has gone.  Take a QB coaching job, and earn his way up.  But if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to.  He can always coach HS football in Texas and guide hunts on his ranch.  That sounds like a way better life, than coaching football anyways.

If you want to defend Detmer because he’s a legend, that’s fine.  But really ask yourself if he was the right man for the job.


Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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