Trigger word… GUNS

I usually write about sports, coaching, or my journey of writing books. (Bring the Heat) still being queried and shopped.) Today, I’m going to do something I swore I’d never do.  I”m going to make this a political blog. Remember we can disagree politically without thinking the other person is evil. That’s lazy, and isn’t helpful.

The Disturbing video of President Donald Trump saying that police should take guns from Americans first and deal with the consequence’s later should alarm every single American. Whether you’re for gun control or you’re 2nd amendment defender, this is scary.

The President wants to take guns because he thinks he can. That’s not passing legislation on gun laws, and that sure isn’t protecting the 2nd amendment. What about locking down schools and making them a safer place, so some maniac can’t come in and hurt our children? Trump wants to raise the legal age to purchase an AR-15 to 21? Then raise the age of the people who can join the military from 18-21. Our children can fight for our country, but can’t purchase a gun?

I’m all for having stricter background checks to purchase any weapon, but can we put to bed the lazy narrative that Semi-automatic weapons are automatic weapons. Semi-auto guns means one trigger squeeze = one bullet. We ask our students to educate themselves on wars, algebra, and prepositional phrases, but we can’t ask ourselves to learn a few things about guns?

Mental illness is a big problem in the United States. We need better background checks just for that purpose, but gun free zones aren’t the answer, and neither is a President deciding to take guns without cause. To the people who think it’s a good idea to for the President just to confiscate your weapons whats next? Our land? Our food? Our freedom?

If the President wants to ban bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and anyone with mental illness from having a firearm, that’s fine. I’m in favor of all that. But we need to be careful of the amount of power We the People give anyone. Because there will be a time that someone else is in charge that you don’t agree with.

In the 1950’s physical education classes taught rifle shooting in schools. I don’t ever remember reading about someone going on a mass shooting using the rifle they received from school. When I was in junior high, we had archery shooting in class. Nobody ever let arrows fly towards another human.

To be clear, I think some gun reform is necessary, but it needs to be done legally and lawfully. I can’t go around stealing other people’s property, and neither should the government. Far radicals on either side of the table they are never going to agree on this issue. However, if we as a society can, we’ll be much better off.


Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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