Starbucks, barbershops, and playoffs.

I’m usually the guy on the hill saying we need the entire story. I don’t ever want to jump to conclusions. However, with this nightmare of a situation facing Starbucks there’s no need for me to hear anymore. Your employee called the police because they’re afraid of black people. Don’t give me that crap about no loitering in Starbucks. As an author, I’ve witnessed many of times people setting up a home entertainment system inside one of their establishments just so the moods right so they can write their shitty screenplay that’s going to make them millions of dollars  There’s a The Office episode where Micheal Scott makes everyone put a index card of an ethnicity on their forehead and they have to guess what they are.  That seems like the type of training that Starbucks has set up for their employee’s. But then again maybe i’m giving Starbucks too much credit.

I don’t think race-relations are as bad as Social Justice Warriors wants us to believe. For the most part, if you’re polite, friendly, and loving to anyone, you’re going to get that reciprocated to you. There are some wack jobs out there in the Alt-right movement, and the SJW movement. Both are bat-shit crazy, and we should distance ourselves from them. But come on employee of Starbucks, you were scared that two black dudes were going to rob you.  You panicked, called the police, and they took the two men out in handcuffs.

So, the police… What the hell is their deal there? Why on this green earth did you put them in handcuffs, and escort them out of the store. I always try and defend the men in blue. They’re hero’s who put their lives on the line everyday. But these two men were obviously cooperating with the police.  Why were they handcuffed? Be better.  You’re giving good cops a bad name.

Onto a lighter topic. Lebron James is suing Nick Saban for stealing his barbershop show. If you haven’t watched it, Lebron talks sports in a barbershop. I like the show. It’s fun and entertaining. The University Alabama, and Saban. decided to do a show where they sit at a barbershop and talk sports. Was it a rip-off of James show? Yes. Is it something that James should sue over? No. Now that that can of worms has been opened, some jabroni from Michigan is suing James claiming that James stole the idea from him.

What’s the moral of the story? Lebron should’ve kept his mouth shut, people (including myself) would’ve continued to watch his show, and let Alabama’s version fade away. Which it would’ve because only Alabama fans care about what Alabama and Saban have to say. Now James has two lawsuits he’s dealing with, a horrible cast of teammates, and he lost a first-round game in the playoffs for the first time in 21 games.

Speaking of the playoffs, I hate that the OKC Thunder decided to turn on the switch and be a damn good team. Of course they’re playing the Jazz. Westbrook is going to get his, Paul George, also known as Playoff P, worst nickname of all time, is going off, and Steven Adams always pushes Rudy Gobert around. Thanks a lot Thunder for saving your best for the Jazz. If this series keeps going like game one did, i’m gonna have to re-watch the American Pie series.  Then I’ll write about how funny the first two are.

Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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