Brigham Young University’s Honor Code office. WTF?

Every year in early fall the smell of fresh cut grass, Kenny Chesney’s The boys of fall  blasting in headphones across america, and tickets are purchased for college football. The summer months, and temperatures, are coming to an end, and football is upon us. It’s the best time of year.

For Every BYU football fan, the months of June and July are almost as big of roller coaster as the actual season. This is the season where we learn which football players have been kicked off the team because of honor code violations. Now, these young men know what they’re signing up for when they sign with BYU.  It’s no secret that you can’t have premarital sex, drink alcohol (or coffee), you can’t participate in recreational drugs, and you have to live by a strict Latter Day Saints code.

This year we learned that Ula Tolutau,  Joe Tukuafu, and Jeremiah Ieremia were dismissed from the team on Media Day. To BYU’s credit, they’re no longer giving details of what the violation is anymore. We all remember the horrific Brandon Davies indecent in 2011 where they basically told the entire world.

This problem is becoming a major concern. I stand by the honor code, but is it really an honor code when their is an office for snitches to go to? Isn’t honor between you and your ecclesiastical leader? Francis Bernard is the perfect example of this. The officer who was at his apartment brought up the honor code when he was citing him. I don’t know if the officer ever turned him in to the Honor Code Office, but just the fact that he could, is a major problem. And the neighbor who was recording the whole thing, is the reason the Honor Code Office is in existence.

The Honor Code Office. I know it seems like I’m against the honor code… I’m not. Plenty of schools have some type of honor code they ask their students to live by. Only BYU has the office for “reporting” of honor code violations. Tico Pringle is a prime example of other people tattling on an athlete.

Pringle was accused by an ex-girlfriend of pressuring her to have sex. Pringle, who was married at the time, denied these allegations. The honor code office took her word for it, and they suspended Pringle for their bowl game that season. No investigation, no he said she said, just a report and a suspension. Pringle left the program. Tell me how that is fair or just?

The list goes on and on, Keilani Moeaki, Harvey Unga, Reno Mahe, etc… BYU should keep the honor code, and get rid of the office. At no point should I be able to walk into the office, make a completely fabricated statement about a student, and the office suspends said student. Illegal offenses will be taken care of by the police, it will be public record, the office isn’t needed. Personal offenses will be taken care of by the coaching staff, and their leaders. Will there be students who take advantage of this? Of course, but don’t we wouldn’t you rather a few students take advantage of this compared to railroading innocent ones?

BYU keep the honor code, but please get rid of the office.

Author: blairredd

Covering BYU and Utah football.

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